Traditional Fire Lighting Kit
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Traditional Fire Lighting Kit

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    Our traditional fire-lighting is back! And has been updated! Packed full of natural, handmade fire-craft tools and resources, all secured in a waterproof tin.
    It includes everything needed to master the art of traditional fire-lighting. It is perfect for both the beginner and expert alike.

    The Kit Includes:

    Artisan Fire Starter & Stealth Striker:
    • Wood-turned hardwood handle, designed to be easily gripped. We have sanded and oiled the handles.
    • Large 1.27" (70mm) (L) x 0.39" (10mm) (W) allows for 15,000 strikes. Imagine how many matches you need to light 15,000 fires!
    • The rod is made using Forest Fundamentals Ferrocenium™ which produces large showers of molten hot sparks at 3,000º C (5,500º F).
    • Includes our Stealth 6-function striker which includes 4 hex bits, a straight-edged tinder scraper, and also functions as a bottle opener, a handy bonus feature when sat around your campfire! Secured using a piece of genuine leather cowhide cord (4mm thick) x (500mm long).

    Tinder Wick & Bellows
    • Our tinder wick and bellows simplify fire lighting in harsh weather conditions - easily and reliably light a fire whatever the weather.
    • Simply, fluff up one end of your wick using the Steath Striker and then ignite using the ferro rod. Like a match stick, move the flame to whereever is needed. To extinguish the flame, simply pull the wick back inside the chamber, which is cut off the flames access to oxygen. If your fire needs some attention, just pull out the wick and blow through the micro bellows.
    • One wick has a burn time of 1.2hours. A greater combined cumulative burn time of two Bic lighters! The wicks are extremely water and wind-resistant as a result of the infused wax.

    Natural Tinder Tins, Jute Bundle and Fatwood Sticks
    • We have included a selection of varying natural tinder types.
    • All of the tinders are water resistant, and have been tightly packed into the waterproof tins, ensuring there is enough tinder for multiple fires.
    • Practising using natural tinders is a great way to develop key bushcraft skills including batoning, feather sticks and processing tinder shavings.

    1PCS Artisan Fire Starter & Stealth Striker: 70mm (Rod L) x 10mm (Rod W) | Leather Cowhide Cord 500mm (L) x 4mm (W).
    1PCS Tinder Wick & Bellows: Bellows: 3” / 76mm (L) x 13.5mm (W) | Wick: 15” / 381mm (L) x 6mm (W).
    1PCS Waxed Cotton Tinder Tin: 8PCS Fire Plugs | Tin dimensions: 55 (D) x 20 (h) mm
    1PCS Maya Dust Tinder Tin: Tin dimensions: 55 (D) x 20 (h) mm
    1PCS Kapok Tinder Tin: Tin dimensions: 55 (D) x 20 (h) mm
    1PCS Natural 3ply Jute-Twine Tinder Bundle: 15M (L) 3mm (W)
    1PCS Fat-wood Tinder Bundle: 6PCS tinder sticks 150mm (L) x 15mm (W) (single piece of fatwood)
    1PCS Fire-Lighting Pocket how-to guide: 148mm (L) x 104mm (W) (A6)

    This would make the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys bushcraft or spending time in the great outdoors.
    This product is extremely long-lasting and would make a unique gift to keep and remember! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know!