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Millbank Bag

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    At Forest Fundamentals, we have been long-term users of Millbank bags. In the past, using the old surples British forces bags. These bags are extremely hard to find now, and the ones we did manage to get our hands showed signs of years of use, they were full of stains and oil residue. So we thought, why not start to make our own! Meet the Forest Fundamentals Millbank bag:

    • We have used the exact same dimensions as the original Britiish Forces bags. However, we have made some minor improvements. We have replaced the cord with stronger 550 military grade survival cord that includes strands of copper wire, fishing line, waxed jute, and parachute cord. The cord has a range of uses in the field including repairing shoelaces, fishing, snares, shelter building, etc.

    • We have also updated the bags aesthetics to look a little more updated. We have include our signiture logo. The making process using waterproof food-grade canvas dye. So there is no chance of it washing off after one use!

    • Please be careful using original British Forces Millbank bags! Today, mostly all Millbank bags being sold are surplus - they have seen years of use, and were most likely used to filter oil and other nasty chemicals. It is better to play it safe, and buy a fresh one!

    What is a MillBank Bag?

    • A Millbank Bag is a water filtration device, designed to filter out all of the detritus from the water. These detritus include sand, mud, silt or other suspended particulate matter.

    • Removing all of the detritus before further sanitation is extremely important. Even if there are no waterborne diseases present, turbid water will irritate and cause damage to your digestive system. In addition, turbidity can reduce the effectiveness and lifespan of other water sanitation systems including the well recognised Life Straw, for example.

    • However, a Millbank bag will not filter out pathogenic organisms, unless those organisms are attached to the detritus that is filtered. This is why additional forms of sanitation are required, including chemical or heat sterilisation. If your water source is already clear, and has no detritus present then there is little advantage to using the Millbank bag. Although, few of us our lucky to find such water sources out in the wilderness!

    How do you use a Millbank Bag?

    • We have printed the instructions on one side of the bag. We also provide an insert with these instructions. For a full how-to guide with pictures, please check out our guide here.
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