Knife Sharpening Care Kit
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Knife Sharpening Care Kit

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    Our field knife sharpening kit is back! And has been updated! Our knife sharpening kit includes everything needed to keep your knife in mint condition and razor-sharp at home or in the field. We have used the best quality components all sourced from businesses based in the British Isles.

    The Kit Includes:

    Bushcraft Balm Tin:
    • Forest Fundamentals' original Bushcraft Balm™ can be used to moisturise and soften leather, waterproof canvas, and protect metal and wood from water damage.
    • It also has mild medicinal benefits and can be used to moisturise cracked lips or hands.

    Double Grit Sharpening Stone:
    • The two-sided, two-grit (240 Fine) (120 Coarse) stone will repair damage to the blade but also keep it razor sharp.
    • The mid-sized stone is the perfect size for camping and hiking.

    Knife & Multi-tool Mineral Oil & Lint-Free Cotton Cloth:
    • Our highly refined blend of mineral oils will help lubricate your multi-tool or knife, but also protect it from water damage.
    • It has great anti-wear, corrosion protection, and antioxidant qualities. The oil has a high viscosity index and therefore, won't evaporate in hot climates. We've also included a lint-free cotton cloth to help clean your blade after restoration.

    Cowhide Leather Strop & Polishing Compound Block:
    • The leather strop is essential for rejuvenating the edge of finely honed cutting tools, making them razor-sharp.
    • The leather has been carefully selected for its smoothness and uniformity.
    • The polishing compound is a medium abrasive which can be rubbed onto your leather strop for a more abrasive surface, producing a razor-sharp finish. We have moulded the polishing compound into a more portable size for the field.

    Product Details:
    • Two-Sided Two Grit (240 Fine) (120 Coarse)
    • Sharpening Stone Dimensions: 100mm (L) x 25mm (W)
    • Knife and multi-tool mineral oilL 30ml
    • Genuine Cowhide Leather Strop: 100mm (L) x 33mm (W)
    • Green Polishing Compound Block 30mm x 30mm x 15mm (D)
    • Bushcraft Balm Tin: 30ml
    • Kit Tin: 102 (L) x 102 (W) x 41 (H) mm

    This would make the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys bushcraft or spending time in the great outdoors. This product is extremely long-lasting and would make a unique gift to keep and remember! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!