Beeswax Survival Candle
Beeswax Survival Candle
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Beeswax Survival Candle

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    Forest Fundamental's Beeswax Survival Candle offers a compact solution for carrying an immediate and reliable source of heat and light when outdoors. Survival candles are an integral part of every survival kit, see its uses below:

    Heat: A fundamental human requirement. It can provide up to 6 hours when burning all three wicks simultaneously and 8 hours or more if you're burning just one wick! The tin itself conducts the heat, trapping it, becoming a heat source in itself. The candle provides enough heat to boil and purify water.

    Light: Beeswax is known for burning extremely bright and hot. This candle allows you to carry out essential tasks in the dark when you might not have access to a torch.

    Other uses: In an emergency situation, the beeswax could also be used for other tasks including waterproofing clothing.

    This would make the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys bushcraft or spending time in the great outdoors or garden, particularly those who appreciate handmade, natural products.

    Product Details
    • 100% Natural beeswax
    • Multiple three-wick designs for a brighter and hotter candle
    • One wick provides 8 hours + of light and heat
    • Our beeswax burns hotter and longer compared to your standard wax
    • Use all three wicks for added warmth in cold conditions and boiling small amounts of emergency drinking water (Approx 250ml in 20 minutes)
    • Our Beeswax is sourced locally and sustainably
    • Made in Britain

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