A Passion for Bushcraft & the Natural World

Forest Fundamentals wasn't created by marketing focus groups in some boardroom. The idea was developed from Elvis' (company founder & owner) passion for the outdoors and his love of hand-making and hand-sourcing materials.

As sales increased, and we started designing more complex products, hand-making and hand-sourcing materials were no longer feasible. However, Elvis was always keen to stay true to our roots and carry on handcrafting a few of our most popular original products.

Family Owned | Continually Innovating

We are a small family-owned business operating in the heart of Wiltshire. Despite being relatively small, we continually innovate, challenging today's standard of modern outdoor bushcraft gear whilst respecting tradition. We are always striving to make our customer experience as good as possible.

Premium Bushcraft Products | Enhancing Your Outdoor Experience

We understand that survival is not the primary reason for going to the woods on the weekend. We are all chasing the sense of freedom and calm the outdoors offers. This is why our products are not just built to keep you alive but to enhance and simplify your outdoor experience.

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