Taylan Honeycutt
Honeycutt Outdoors

My name is Taylan Honeycutt, I am a wild cave guide and woodsman from Tennessee who has a passion for the outdoors. I love to share my outdoor experiences on my Instagram page which features a bit of everything from bushcraft to wildlife photography to outdoor photography.


Bearded Guy
Outdoor Experience

I am an outdoorsman from Switzerland who has had a passion for the outdoors for years. Whether I am hiking through colder climates of the world, hammocking in the backcountry, a bit of simple campfire cooking, or a quick hike, the outdoors is my home, I have a passion for every aspect of the outdoors. ... My first passion was always bushcraft, I have been a long-standing member of the Pathfinder community. Nowadays, I am also exploring tactical and prepping-related activities. I enjoy photography and sharing my outdoor experiences, please check out my Instagram below! With the recent partnership with Forest Fundamentals, I hope to take my travels further and continue to test great products! “Stay healthy, stay curious, and stay wild” - Your friendly Bearded Guy Outdoor Experience. Read more


Ervin Rivaldi
Ervinrivaldi Outdoors

I often have relaxing picnics while combining bushcraft techniques...